Aerial Photo of Chichen Itza Ruins

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chichen-itza-aerial-photo in the Riviera Maya

  This aerial photo of Chichen Itza was taken one morning. It would have been great if we could step back to 1978 when we first saw Chichen Itza and take an aerial photo of this Mayan archaeological site. What we do have is an old photo of our tour in Chichen Itza back in the days when you could play, climb, and touch these ancient buildings! Check this super cool photo out! Chac Mool at its best! Now that is a photo!  

More old photos of the Riviera Maya

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Old Photos of the Riviera Maya from Loco Gringo

Loco Gringo Historical Photos We love our old photos of the Riviera Maya and the players involved in the old photos. Here are some oldies but goodies that are from 1996 to 2003. Mamistas Beach in the early 2000s before it became a the huge beach club it is today. Archived Photo of the beaches in the Riviera Maya. Now if anyone can tell us where this photo was taken and who the people we, we sure would appreciate it. Our maturity is killing our memory! Check out our...

Tell Us What You Love About the Aerial Tours

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Now that you have seen how we make the aerial tours and aerial maps of the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya (thanks Gary!), and have witnessed the results of the aerial photos that are turned into aerial maps, we would love to have your feedback. As we plan our next plane trip for later in 2014 it would be nice to hear what you would like to see in the Loco Gringo Aerial Maps. We cannot promise we can execute your feedback, as this is an expensive endeavor, but we would like to understand what is...

A Day In The Plane Over The Riveria Maya

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This is the life in the Riviera Maya! On one of the last aerial shoots that we completed, we thought it would be fun to take some 'behind the scenes' photos while in the plane. Here is the series of photos we have in the plane, including a photo of a part of the plane that we could not make out what it was for. No one ever answered our question as we inquired what this round object with a steel pin in it was. Bottom line is, we survived, in fact we thrived, and made some great aerial photos of...

What are Aerial Maps of the Riviera Maya?

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Vintage photo of Gary Walten of Loco Gringo

We Love Making Aerial Maps of the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya If you google aerial maps, you will get a birds eye view of a particular area or particular neighborhood. Our aerial maps of the Riviera Maya are a bit different, lets say interactive. We love hopping in a plane, cruising up and down the coast of the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya. Surveying the area is what we started out doing in the 80s and 90s. Back then, Gary and I were cave diving and the only way to find remote or undiscovered...

5 Great Ways to Use Aerial Maps for your Riviera Maya Vacation

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aerial maps of the Riviera Maya -photo credit Loco Gringo

Aerial Maps and Aerial Tours Rock! Whether you are a returning for yet another Riviera Maya vacation or thinking of planning your first visit to the pristine beaches of the Mexican Caribbean Coast, aerial maps of the area are a super helpful way to understand the lay of the land and pick which beach is best for you. There is over 130 miles of beach in the Riviera Maya alone, so add the Costa Maya to that and you have a lot of choices and a lot of beaches to choose from. That can be...

Cancun Now and Then – Two aerial photos of Cancun Mexico

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Cancun has made some big changes since 1970 This contrast been 1970 in Cancun, the photo below, and the current landscape in the Cancun Hotel zone shows how much this area has changed in the last 45 years. From small houses on the beach to large resorts and shopping. If you think it, 45 years is not a long time. The contrast is mind boggiling! Looking for more aerial maps and aerial tours of the Mexican Caribbean Coast? Well you have come to the right place! Check out our aerial maps of the...

Aerial Photo of Akumal beach in the 1970s

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  Super cool photo of Akumal dating back 45 years Now this photo below is the aerial photo of all aerial photos. Thanks to Mike Mulgrew, we have a great photo (original photo that has been scanned so please excuse the quality) of AKumal taken from a small plane. Wow! Things have changed but not changed! It is so great to walk down memory lane and reveiw these older photos! Akumal in the 1970s was not at all like it is today but thankfully, Akumal is still tranquilo, quiet, and full...

The logistics of creating Mexico aerial maps

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Loco Gringo aerial tour maps of the Riviera Maya

It seems people want to know two things, okay three things. How do we take our aerial photos of the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya, and who does it. The burning question is, why did it take so long. (that three questions right?) Well a big Shout Out to Gary for creating and editing all the photos for the Loco Gringo Aerial Maps and Mexico Aerial tours along the coast of the Caribbean. He did a super job and survived. :) A nice Loco Gringo smile for the day! There is a reason they call us...

What’s NEW about the Loco Gringo Aerial Tours

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lg working on new aerial tours

There is lots NEW on the Loco Gringo aerial tours! Functionality has improved, the look is up-to-date and there is a lot more vacation rental information and trip planning information for you to access on one map. A look at the old Loco Gringo Aerial Tours The innovation of the Old Loco Gringo Aerial tours was incredible back in the late 1990s. Guests and trip planners could easily move from photo to photo and see where vacation rentals were, what their all inclusive resort looked like and...