Aerial Tour and Aerial Map of Isla Holbox

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We just found this old photo of Isla Holbox. This is not on our aerial tour maps of the Riviera Maya so it is a special addition to our coastal aerial tours. Isla Holbox is an island in the Gulf of Mexico just north of Cancun. We love the area and love the different activities that can be done on the island. If you are looking for the Island lifestyle, this is where you go to chill, kick off your shoes and ride around in golf carts as there are not cars allowed! Our friends at Mawimbi Hotel...

Casa Cenote Aerial View and Tour

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Cenotes are super cool under the water but when you see a cenote from the air, in an aerial view and tour, these bodies of water take on a whole different look. This photo was taken in Tankah Bay, the only vacation villa location that has a cenote right by the sea! One of the amazing benefits that any vacation rental has in Tankah is an easy and quick walk to this fresh and salt water cenote. Note the area in the mangrove and the light blue area just infront of the restaurant, Casa Cenote (Hi...

Tulum Ruins from the Air! Great photo of Tulum

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aerial view of the Tulum RUins

This is a one of kind photo taken by Gary! What a great view of the Tulum ruins and what a unique perspective. The Tulum ruins is one of our favorite places and very few have had the opportunity to fly over these beachfront ruins and view it as we did! The Maya did not even have an opporunity to see their city from this perspective! We think this trumps the icon photo of the Tulum ruins that is used all over the world to show off this incredible Mayan Archeological site. The photo is fab,...

Soliman Bay Photos – The Quiet Riviera Maya

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Soliman Bay - An Untouched Paradise Well, these photos are vintage photos of Soliman Bay but one would ever know. This area of the Riviera Maya remains untouched, what we like to call an untouched paradise. The bay is beautiful, the beaches feel private due to the lack of people, and the vegetation that completes the beach remains teh same. Wow! A Long And Glorious History in Soliman Bay You know Soliman Bay wasn't even called Soliman Bay back in the day. It used to be a coconut road...

Aerial View of Tulum Beach and vintage photos

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aerial photo of Zamas Restaurant on Tulum beach

Zamas Hotel and Que Fesco Restaurant Zamas Hotel and the Que Fresco restaurant is owned by a dear and long time friend Dan. For many years, more than we would like to publicly share (20 years or more so we are aging ourselves) we have been going to Zamas to stay for a chill out night and eating at Que Fresco Restaurant that offers exquisite views. The photo above shows Zamas in its current state in Tulum, but the buildings have been added over time. We love what Dan has done with the property...