Little known Mayan ruins sites of the Yucatan

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Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula

Everyone has heard about the ruins of Tulum, Chichen Itza and even Ek Balam.  But if you venture off the beaten path the southern part of the Yucatan Peninsula has ruins hidden in the jungle that any Indiana Jones wanna-be will definitely love plundering around in the rainforest. Just West of Chetumal highway 186  is the main highway that cuts across the Southern part of the Yucatan.  The ruins of Kohunlich and Dzbanche are in reach for day trippers coming from the Costa Maya,  Laguna...

End of the road… Chetumal

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Chetumal Quintana Roo

At the south end of Highway 307 is the Costa Maya and Chetumal.   On the shore of the Bay of Chetumal, the city is the last stop in Quintana Roo before crossing the Rio Hondo into Corozal, Belize Central America.  Chetumal is the capital of the state.  This small city has a few museums you can visit while you are in the area such as Museum of the Mayan Culture (Museo de la Cultura Maya) and Cultural Center of the Fine Arts (Centro Cultural de las Bellas Artes). The Mayan  ruins...

Xcaret Eco Park – Check out the lay of the land before you go

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This is great aerial map and photo of Xcaret Eco Park, a large natural park that will keep you, your kids, your friends, or whoever you bring along, busy for days. Xcaret Eco Park is theme park that teaches you about everything natural in the Riviera Maya. We find it to be a great overview of the flora and fauna, geology and bodies of water before you venture out on your own. The Riviera Maya is a very diverse ecosystem that can be hard to learn about all at once before you arrive on vacation....

Chichen Itza from a different perspective

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Wondering what you are really getting yourself into when you run off to the Chichen Itza Ruins? We just took a flight to the Ruins as this aerial tour was on our Bucket List. Wow is all we can say and super happy we did the flight to Chichen Itza. Not only was the view of the ruins spectacular, but the ride over the Riviera Maya jungle, the Yuctan and the Caribbean (just a very small portion) was really an experience! We have done many flights over the Caribbean taking photos of the coast. But...

Aerial View of the Uxmal Ruins – Glorious and beautiful

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Not only are the Uxmal Ruins a favorite of ours, but this aerial photo of Uxmal is magical! You can see all of the main buildings of Uxmal and the jungle that surrounds the area. Nothing beats an actual trip but this is perfect for planning your excursion to Uxmal. The Pyramid of the Magician is as great as it looks in this photo. Love this and love the other Mayan ruin sites in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan. Living here has provided us with the luxury of seeing, first hand, many of the local...

Aerial view of the PGA golf course and Mayakoba Resort

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Resort vacations are great when you want to take a quick and quiet vacation in the Riviera Maya. Loco Gringo Vacations has a wide range of resort vacations and this is one place they love. Not only is MayaKoba a great resort but their PGA golf course rocks it all the way home! Ocean views, beachside holes, all inclusive service and the 19th hole is exactly what you may be looking for .... right now. Check out some Riviera Maya resort vacations or cruise through the list of resorts Loco...

Aerial View of the famous Whale Sharks! Incredible Photo

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Whale Sharks are truly one of our favorite, and biggest, fish in the world. We feel blessed and lucky to be living on the migration path of the Whale Shark. In the spring, Whale Sharks migrate from Honduras to the the Gulf of Mexico. Their path through the Caribbean Ocean takes a few months. Hundreds of Whale Sharks then hang out in the Gulf of Mexico just north of Cancun for the summer months. We were lucky enough to be flying over the Gulf of Mexico during Whale Shark season! Take a look at...

Special Aerial Map of the Sian Kaan Biosphere

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This aerial photo rocks! The blues and greens of the lagoons, the Caribbean, and the mangroves really show the diversity of this area in the Riviera Maya. Super cool thing is, you can vacation right on the beach in the Sian Kaan and take all of this beauty in all day long, all week long. There are some great vacation rentals that are run off solar power, have ocean views and are beach front so you and your family can take in the Biosphere first hand every day! A week is not enough time to...

Aerial Tour and Aerial Map of Isla Holbox

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We just found this old photo of Isla Holbox. This is not on our aerial tour maps of the Riviera Maya so it is a special addition to our coastal aerial tours. Isla Holbox is an island in the Gulf of Mexico just north of Cancun. We love the area and love the different activities that can be done on the island. If you are looking for the Island lifestyle, this is where you go to chill, kick off your shoes and ride around in golf carts as there are not cars allowed! Our friends at Mawimbi Hotel...

Casa Cenote Aerial View and Tour

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Cenotes are super cool under the water but when you see a cenote from the air, in an aerial view and tour, these bodies of water take on a whole different look. This photo was taken in Tankah Bay, the only vacation villa location that has a cenote right by the sea! One of the amazing benefits that any vacation rental has in Tankah is an easy and quick walk to this fresh and salt water cenote. Note the area in the mangrove and the light blue area just infront of the restaurant, Casa Cenote (Hi...

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