Gonzalo Guerrero is part of Akumal’s history

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Gonzalo Guerrero part of Akumal

Gonzalo Guerrero was a sailor from Palos, in Spain who shipwrecked in 1511 along the Yucatan Peninsula and was taken as a slave by the local Maya. Earning his freedom, Guerrero became a respected warrior under a Maya Lord and raised three of the first mestizo children in Mexico and presumably the first mixed children of the New World. In Akumal Gonzalo Guerrero was commemorated by a statue by by Raúl Ayala Arellano.  Back in the 1970's the Guerrero statue stood in front of the archway of...

Stone Groove

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Historical photo of the Mayan Ruin Chichen Izta, Yucatan

Chichen Itza has come a long way baby. This Akumal local wasn't hanging out at discos… she was chillin' at the ruins.  Here's a photo from 1978 which when you could climb all over the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza in Yucatan. This is a good friend of ours who owns Casa Alux in Akumal. Her house still has some of the old school Caribbean charm and one hell of a view of the sea.  Check out her house and other great vacation rentals for Akumal and the Riviera Maya.

Zamas Tulum then and now

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The view from Zamas

Zamas on the beach in Tulum has been around almost for ever.    Dan and Susan still own it.  Before the glamor of the fashion world discovered Zamas it was a funky little spot to sip a cold beer.   Tostadas Susanna is what we ordered every time no lie.  If its still on the menu, I would order it today.  Zama's has great beach bungalows you can rent and enjoy relaxing vacation by the...

See the jungle? Thats where Las Casitas in Akumal stands today

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Akumal Bay 1970's

Back in the "old days" sailing into Akumal was common.  A dear of friend and her daughter are standing on a rock in Akumal Bay.  The jungle behind them is where Las Casitas stands today.  Thanks to the owner of Casa Alux for sharing her family photo! For reference in the photo below the rock with the buoy on it, is the rock they were standing on.  Today Akumal is one of the cherished of family vacation spots in the Riviera Maya.  Check out our great vacation rentals in the Akumal...

Soliman Bay Photos – The Quiet Riviera Maya

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Soliman Bay - An Untouched Paradise Well, these photos are vintage photos of Soliman Bay but one would ever know. This area of the Riviera Maya remains untouched, what we like to call an untouched paradise. The bay is beautiful, the beaches feel private due to the lack of people, and the vegetation that completes the beach remains teh same. Wow! A Long And Glorious History in Soliman Bay You know Soliman Bay wasn't even called Soliman Bay back in the day. It used to be a coconut road...

Aerial Photo of Chichen Itza Ruins

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chichen-itza-aerial-photo in the Riviera Maya

  This aerial photo of Chichen Itza was taken one morning. It would have been great if we could step back to 1978 when we first saw Chichen Itza and take an aerial photo of this Mayan archaeological site. What we do have is an old photo of our tour in Chichen Itza back in the days when you could play, climb, and touch these ancient buildings! Check this super cool photo out! Chac Mool at its best! Now that is a photo!  

More old photos of the Riviera Maya

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Old Photos of the Riviera Maya from Loco Gringo

Loco Gringo Historical Photos We love our old photos of the Riviera Maya and the players involved in the old photos. Here are some oldies but goodies that are from 1996 to 2003. Mamistas Beach in the early 2000s before it became a the huge beach club it is today. Archived Photo of the beaches in the Riviera Maya. Now if anyone can tell us where this photo was taken and who the people we, we sure would appreciate it. Our maturity is killing our memory! Check out our...

Aerial Photo of Akumal beach in the 1970s

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  Super cool photo of Akumal dating back 45 years Now this photo below is the aerial photo of all aerial photos. Thanks to Mike Mulgrew, we have a great photo (original photo that has been scanned so please excuse the quality) of AKumal taken from a small plane. Wow! Things have changed but not changed! It is so great to walk down memory lane and reveiw these older photos! Akumal in the 1970s was not at all like it is today but thankfully, Akumal is still tranquilo, quiet, and full...