Overview of Tulum in the Riviera Maya – A unique Mayan town that takes sustainability seriously

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Tulum beach Riviera Maya Mexico

Oh Tulum. A popular destination with the young and famous, the bohemian crowd, and the rich who are looking to get away from it all. Tulum is most famous for the Mayan ruins located on the sea, but its rising popularity is for reasons other than the Maya influences. Why Tulum is a great place to vacation in the Riviera Maya Sustainability is the first focus of this town that has a diverse ecosystem. Solar energy, locally crafted biodegradable products, alternative building practices, and a...

Cenote Car Wash from a Bird’s Eye View

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cenote cash wash tulum mexico

One of Tulum's Most Popular Cenotes The Riviera Maya is well known for its cenotes and underwater caves.  Tulum is really the ground zero for some of the best cenotes to visit.  Cenote Actun Ha on the Coba Road used to be Cenote Carwash.  Why "Carwash" you ask?  Well back in the day on the east side of the cenote there was a dirt driveway, and people would bring their car there with a bucket, draw water from the cenote and wash their car.   That small entrance is closed now, and today...

Zamas Tulum then and now

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The view from Zamas

Zamas on the beach in Tulum has been around almost for ever.    Dan and Susan still own it.  Before the glamor of the fashion world discovered Zamas it was a funky little spot to sip a cold beer.   Tostadas Susanna is what we ordered every time no lie.  If its still on the menu, I would order it today.  Zama's has great beach bungalows you can rent and enjoy relaxing vacation by the...

Tulum Ruins from the Air! Great photo of Tulum

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aerial view of the Tulum RUins

This is a one of kind photo taken by Gary! What a great view of the Tulum ruins and what a unique perspective. The Tulum ruins is one of our favorite places and very few have had the opportunity to fly over these beachfront ruins and view it as we did! The Maya did not even have an opporunity to see their city from this perspective! We think this trumps the icon photo of the Tulum ruins that is used all over the world to show off this incredible Mayan Archeological site. The photo is fab,...