Aerial photo of the Tulum Beach and Casa Madera

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This aerial photo is a little bit different from our regular aerial maps and aerial tours. This aerial photo of the Tulum beach is taken to the south of the main road that leads from the Highway to the Tulum beach road. One of our vacation rentals, Casa Madera and Casa Palapa are located on this very property. Imagine the coconut trees, the stellar beach views, the white beaches and privacy this property will provide! Casa Madera and Casa Palapa are very exclusive properties that are perfect...

Aerial View of Tulum Beach and vintage photos

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aerial photo of Zamas Restaurant on Tulum beach

Zamas Hotel and Que Fesco Restaurant Zamas Hotel and the Que Fresco restaurant is owned by a dear and long time friend Dan. For many years, more than we would like to publicly share (20 years or more so we are aging ourselves) we have been going to Zamas to stay for a chill out night and eating at Que Fresco Restaurant that offers exquisite views. The photo above shows Zamas in its current state in Tulum, but the buildings have been added over time. We love what Dan has done with the property...

A Day In The Plane Over The Riveria Maya

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This is the life in the Riviera Maya! On one of the last aerial shoots that we completed, we thought it would be fun to take some 'behind the scenes' photos while in the plane. Here is the series of photos we have in the plane, including a photo of a part of the plane that we could not make out what it was for. No one ever answered our question as we inquired what this round object with a steel pin in it was. Bottom line is, we survived, in fact we thrived, and made some great aerial photos of...

Cancun Now and Then – Two aerial photos of Cancun Mexico

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Cancun has made some big changes since 1970 This contrast been 1970 in Cancun, the photo below, and the current landscape in the Cancun Hotel zone shows how much this area has changed in the last 45 years. From small houses on the beach to large resorts and shopping. If you think it, 45 years is not a long time. The contrast is mind boggiling! Looking for more aerial maps and aerial tours of the Mexican Caribbean Coast? Well you have come to the right place! Check out our aerial maps of the...