Cenote Car Wash from a Bird’s Eye View

Posted by Loco Gringo in Tulum

cenote cash wash tulum mexico

One of Tulum’s Most Popular Cenotes

The Riviera Maya is well known for its cenotes and underwater caves.  Tulum is really the ground zero for some of the best cenotes to visit.  Cenote Actun Ha on the Coba Road used to be Cenote Carwash.  Why “Carwash” you ask?  Well back in the day on the east side of the cenote there was a dirt driveway, and people would bring their car there with a bucket, draw water from the cenote and wash their car.   That small entrance is closed now, and today there is a bigger parking area.

Cenote Actun Ha is at its best in the winter when the waters are crystal clear.  During the summer months the surface pool turns green with algae. However for cavern and cave divers once you drop down about 3-4 meters you break through into the clear water.


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