A Day In The Plane Over The Riveria Maya

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This is the life in the Riviera Maya!

On one of the last aerial shoots that we completed, we thought it would be fun to take some ‘behind the scenes’ photos while in the plane. Here is the series of photos we have in the plane, including a photo of a part of the plane that we could not make out what it was for. No one ever answered our question as we inquired what this round object with a steel pin in it was. Bottom line is, we survived, in fact we thrived, and made some great aerial photos of the Rivera Maya that are part of the current aerial map and aerial tour.

Aerial Photos of the Riviera Maya

We just were not quite sure what this part was on the plane…hmmm

aerial photos of resorts-of-Playa-del-Carmen-in-Playacar

Playa del Carmen resorts in Playacar

aerial tours of resorts-in-the-Riviera-Maya

Gary taking photos while in the plane. Note, the back door was off so that he had unobstructed views…really no back door!

looking-through-the-airplane-window-at-the-Caribbean-Sea in the Riviera Maya

Awesome photo of the Caribbean Sea. We could not have asked for a more perfect day!

HWY 307 in the Riviera Maya Aerial photo

The coast, the 307 Highway and Gary with camera in hand leaning out the back of the plane, where there is NO door.! Yikes!

flying-over-the-Mexican-Caribbean-Sea - Loco Gringo

More photos of the Caribbean and beaches….oh we love our backyard!

Aerial Photos of Calica in Playa del Carmen

In land in the jungle near Calica just south of Playa del Carmen.

Do we love doing this? Of course we do. It truly is a labor of love but a great adventure!!! Check out our aerial tours and aerial maps of the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya.


  1. Whale, March 25, 2014:

    The plastic cup with the pin in it is a fuel tester. There is a small drain in the bottom of each fuel tank at the base of the wing. The shutoff in the drain is spring loaded so the fuel doesn’t drain out. You push the pin into the drain and drain a cup of gas out of the tank and into the cup. Through the clear plastic cup you can tell if there is any water in the fuel tank because water will sink to the bottom of the cup and the gas will float on top. Airplane engines don’t run very well on water LOL.

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