Gonzalo Guerrero is part of Akumal’s history

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Gonzalo Guerrero part of Akumal

Gonzalo Guerrero was a sailor from Palos, in Spain who shipwrecked in 1511 along the Yucatan Peninsula and was taken as a slave by the local Maya. Earning his freedom, Guerrero became a respected warrior under a Maya Lord and raised three of the first mestizo children in Mexico and presumably the first mixed children of the New World.

In Akumal Gonzalo Guerrero was commemorated by a statue by by Raúl Ayala Arellano.  Back in the 1970′s the Guerrero statue stood in front of the archway of Akumal… today you can see the statue just as you pass through the arch on your way to the main beach of Akumal, or as you head up to the Half Moon Bay North Akumal area.

The Akumal entrance 1975



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